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• Premium Wiping Edge

• Stainless Stell Blade Backing

• All Metal, rust resistant frame


Purolatortech delivers the performance you need and the quality you expect from Purolator.

OE fit, shape and operation. Proven filtration performance for all types of oil and viscosities. The anti-drain valve protects against dry starts. 96.5% dirt removal power


Hydraulic brake fluid, of very high quality made with glycols and synthetic glycoethers, does not contain silicones. Contains additives that impart excellent compatibility with the  building materials of the systems where it is applied.


A powerful powerful in 14 oz. aerosol format that allows to quickly and effectively remove embedded dirt, due to its impregnating properties, the product is optimal in clutch and brake systems equipped with asbestos components, currently in disuse, but very present in classic vehicles.


It is a premium quality conventional motor oil. Its double-acting formula eliminates sediments and prevents the formation of new sediments.

Provides superior protection against engine sediment.

Provides advanced protection against thermal decomposition and loss of viscosity.

Provides premium quality basic oils and antiwear additives to help extend the life of your engine.

Helps minimize oil consumption.


The active ingredient in WD-40 is a volatile viscous oil, which contains certain elements that are lubricants and those protected against moisture. This is diluted with a volatile hydrocarbon to give a low viscosity liquid that can be sprayed and thus enter the cracks.


Automatic transmission fluid is a key element of automatic transmissions that lubricate internal gears, bearings and clutches. As a hydraulic fluid, it operates most of the functions in the transmission. In the transmission torque converter, it transfers the engine power to the transmission. The automatic transmission fluid also cools the transmission.



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